How to run Clash of clans for PC

This is going to be the best post all that I'm going to write, goes for all players of the clash of clans for pc, leaders, elderly or members of any clan in the world and to all who have supported it page Pegasus clan. I have written what you might know as post more complete the clash of clans. I'm going explained the best way to develop as soon as possible in this game from the beginning (not explain the first town halls, because those will pass quickly and do not deserve my time.)

Imagine we had a town hall 1 to 5: 1St rule: don't spend nothing resources on improving defense, (i.e., buy what go leaving you in every city but not the best if it costs a lot of money). All your resources should go to improve attack. You will have to spend it follows (in order of priority): 1-Camps: priorities, improve them so you can use more units when attacking. 2-Laboratory: do it such that you can is very important! Improving barbarians them and archers.

3-Barracks: minimum to archers (level 2) maximum to skeletons (level 5) 4-Alacenes of gold and elixir: only up to where you need to evolve your town hall to the next level, as soon as you give it to evolve, evolves also gold store to be prepared for when pass level of City Hall.

5-Castle: evolve it only if you are updating the Town Hall level and spare you the gold, with good fellow clan, you can fill it in and attack with more units. Understand one thing, don't think that improve your gold mines or collectors of elixir is going to serve to evolve in this game, pork is not, are as alms, in this game get resources to advance by attacking and stealing, it is the only way. And to do this depending on your City Council have to find you in a few certain trophies that you can look at this post: