How to install Subway Surfers for PC

To clear us awhile and have fun at the controls of our Android phone we have a game to show you. Subway Surfers is called and is 'petando' for its quality. Subway Surfers style is that of other well-known titles, such as Temple Run, Agent Dash...

 Subway Surfers difference with these is, apart from a graphics much more care and original, the number of moves you can make with gestures on screen. Our character is a graffiti artist who will have to dodge the guard of the train station, which we've caught painting cars with spray.

 The dynamics of Subway Surfers is to try to not collide with any obstacles and collect many more best coins. With coins we buy extra abilities as a backpack that allows us to go by electrical wires or an aerial skateboarding.

 As we said, Subway Surfers for Android allows us to, not only avoid sideways but also climb us cars, slide down below control fences... The game is extremely entertaining and is taken care of down to the last detail.

How to Download Benji Bananas for PC

Even if it is only making 6 or 7 million years still were swinging we in the trees and jumping from branch to branch, that go through the air collecting bananas quite like us. And if not that is to say the company Fingersoft and the 10 million downloads that has generated his game, Benji Bananas. This fun adventure is now a favorite for gamers of smartphones and tablets with Android, stood as one of the most downloaded during the last few weeks. As it is usual, the simplicity and fun go hand in hand at Benji Bananas. And best of all is that you it's a game that you can download free.

 Although the evolutionary process has given us useful five fingers on each hand, to manage this cute monkey only need one of them. The mechanics of Benji Bananas leads to launch us from vine to vine along the way collecting as many bananas as possible. But it is not mono all that glitters, that down the road we will find certain hazards that will not be dodged, give to fret with our Crusade and Benji snouts in the soil. If you want to try one of the games of the time.

 When start our first match in Benji Bananas, a very simple tutorial will give us the proper guidelines to give our first jumps from vine to vine. Make Benji jump more or less or that you release a vine and take another will depend on while we maintain tight finger on your touch screen. The more precise is our jump more bananas can add to the counter.

 Benji Bananas is raised with a cartoony style and his perspective shows a side-scrolling 2D. The scenarios of the game change constantly as we move forward in the adventure. In this way we can balance us tree in tree by a lush jungle, temples in ruins or waterfalls.

 During our journey not only will be bananas to pick up, since a handful of dangers we lurk around every corner. Snakes, shrubs, and other plants are some of the clogs that Benji Bananas will have to face. It is a fact that the majority of this type of simple and addictive games have their characteristic powers. Benji Bananas would not be less and offers the player a good range of so-called "power ups" to make things easier for us. In this sense Benji Bananas may be belt rocket, propulsion peppers of speed and Eagle rides. You can also change to Benji's attire, either by placing a ninja costume or a gas mask. All of these additives can get free of charge with patience, or quickly and effortlessly by performing the characteristic micro-payment.

How to Download Pou for PC

Pou PC - For those who you've heard Pou but do not yet know what Pou then we will explain that it is Pou or, rather, who is Pou Pou more that "something" is "someone". Well, so without further ADO Let's have to explain who is Pou. Pou is a virtual pet that has become very famous very quickly since it has become the protagonist of one of the most popular games for Android. The game, same mascot called "Pou" and they have to make the players is nothing to look after the pet providing you with all possible care.

 If we speak of Tamagotchi sure that you all know that it is, this virtual pet that had to take care and take care so that you are well and will not die... Thus we can say that Pou is the new Tamagotchi, what happens to that on this occasion the mascot arises within a game for Android, so to play this game only we download Pou for Android, rather than take it on a portable device conceived only for this, as it was the case of the popular Tamagotchi who became so famous years ago.

 The care that we must ensure Pou are many and varied, from giving you to eat and drink, clean it and Shepherd his hygiene up to ensure you're happy playing with the ball or buy her dresses and accessories for this beautiful, also give medicines to your health is the best...

 In addition, one of the fundamental characteristics of Pou is that we must have money to give many attentions that Pou needs, but don't worry, there is a way to earn coins and that in addition it'll very funny. And is that Pou we will find a lot of minigames that provide fun while we are not serving our mascot and that also allow us to get coins to buy many things that Pou needs to survive, to be in good health and, ultimately, to be happy.

How to Download FotoRus for PC

If you are looking for an application with various tools of effects to your photos and videos, the FotoRus PC is a good thing. With excellent performance and easy to understand, the app functions are well organized and divided. Moreover, since it was developed, the FotoRus launches new features such as the Animagram which makes it possible to take a photo and insert effects so that some part of her move. The wide range of effects and filters is what draws attention. Make an animated gif with pictures or videos is super intuitive. The app has several ways to let your fun production when inserting effects in your photos and videos with bars of a prison or kittens watching its production, for example.The app also deserves highlight by making available since the simplest frames until the most creative, in the function "Pic in Pic", in which you can insert a picture inside a bottle, blister, rearview mirror, iPhone screen, and more. In comparison with other applications, the filters also highlights the variety and result that each presents. Not to mention that even the simple function of feathers control brightness, colour, contrast and resize the photo you can do.And for those who enjoy making collages, the FotoRus saves your time in downloading an application only for this function. The app offers different templates that offer many possibilities to a different type of Mount. For a free app, no doubt the FotoRus is a great option for you to download on your iPhone and iPad and how could it have, the app lets you share your creations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, SinaWeibo and We Chat, in addition to the possibility of sending by email.

How to Download Farm Heroes Saga on PC

King, developer of casual games par excellence is known for having destroyed the productivity of millions of people thanks to Candy Crush Saga. They continue to work, and after his last Pope Pear Saga, now bring us Farm Heroes Saga on PC, a game that has already succeeded in Facebook and that makes the leap to mobile platforms such as Android.

The mechanics of the game is similar to all his creations. The idea is to go climbing levels getting square classic square box. This time, instead of having sweet colors and bright shapes, in Farm Heroes Saga will find agricultural products called "Cropsies".

The goal of each level is the same; remove the maximum amount of cropsies, much as you can and in a group of three or more. As already happens in Candy Crush, there is a general plot that develops throughout the levels to try to give a little background to the game.

Characteristics of Farm Heroes Saga as they themselves are:

It brings together all kinds of crops to overcome the level before running out of moves.
Simple and fun game but a challenge to master it.
Acres of levels to complete and wonderful magical beans get.
It allows you to compete against your friends to get the best score and see who comes before to onions.
Rechargeable boosters, special to help you enhancers and extra moves.
Rancid raccoon, the antagonist of the game is who will try to destroy the peace and harmony of the farm. You should avoid it at all costs.

The mobile version of the game is perfectly synchronized with the Facebook game by which players can switch between mobile devices and PC at any time.

We have another great game of King and several are already going. If you're that enjoy this type of games, do not hesitate to download Farm Heroes Saga, available free in the Play Store but with classic micropayments ingame. Ones that while they are very present are not essential for moving forward. Who will stop the evil Rancid?

How to run WeChat for PC

Wechat for PC is the cross-platform application to send messages text, voice, photos and have group conversations that has grown in these times where WhatsApp and Line the first place are disputed. Download available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone Wechat free of charge.

Download Wechat

The WeChat application includes a number of dynamic features that allow you to communicate with all your friends and other contacts at the time of the day you like and for free using a connection to the Internet (3 G or WiFi)

WeChat functions

1 Voice and video calls Chat
2 Chat on the web from the url
3. Group Chat with multiple participants and groups.
4 Smileys and icons to embellish the talks.

The WeChat interface is one of the most clear and intuitive hand puts the user functions and it is 100% intuitive.

It should be noted also that it is available in multiple languages and it is updated often to work well.

In the tests we do in download Wechat say that it took to send a text message and video calls showed great stability, therefore with a fairly stable connection you should maintain high quality communications.

How to run Hill Climb Racing for PC

Hill Climb Racing for PC has held the top ten for a while. This 2D game is about driving (the quality of which increases as you play) as far as possible, on different maps, we have to catch coins that we find along the way (by performing stunts and completing levels).
 The first vehicle that we have to train is a small Jeep that we must pull miles and terrorizing the neighborhood. Driving the Jeep is quite simple, the accelerator pedal is on the right and left brakes. Physics is a bit tricky since the Jeep accelerated slowly and not gets along very well with potholes that there are in the way (and there are a lot because we are in the field). Also appears to be equipped with tires light since it has the minimum start to roll down a hill. It is also possible that we stay out of gas and we stay stuck in a Groove in the twinkling of an eye.

 That is why we see us tempted to purchase a new vehicle, an update using the coins that we have achieved. Here you have an overview of the available vehicles:
 Jeep: our first vehicle, a chestnut, is small, slow, little legit. We have to try to move it up and down as soon as possible. Motorcross Bike: a motorcycle, the only vehicle to two wheels ideal for stunts (especially after the update) Monster Truck: my favorite, very precise, driving mild, no land seems to be a problem. Race Car: car racing, ideal to cross tracks Updates:

 Engine: update for the engines of the vehicles, makes them faster and more powerful.
Suspension: the vehicle will drive better on bumps.
 Tires: improvement of tyres.
 4WD: better traction at all four wheels, more power and better handling.
 Race car: grip strength Moto Cross: better control of the bike when they are in the air. Maps Field: it is the first map and is bumpy! Desert: hot, dusty. Arctic: slippery, need winter tires. Motorway: typical American Highway with few slopes, a pleasant walk. Cave: route where we will not see the sky. Do not forget to drop you! Moon: there is very little gravity, jumps will be nice and long, but don't forget to keep an eye on the fuel tank. Mars: an uneven territory, with more gravity than the Moon Alien Planet: a green and trembling mass well that sure you have good tires! Users can decide in which order the updates, which we got with the coins that we have been collecting are acquired. Maps of is divided into levels and the passage from one level to another is smooth without sudden changes. To successfully complete a level we are rewarded with coins. Conclusion It is not by magic for what Hill Climb Racing has topped the charts for some time. Maps, vehicles and upgrades help keep interest in the game. The maps are impressive because even though we have unlocked part of them, we can move forward that guarantees fun for a while. A drawback is that the physics of the game has, in general, logical sense but, for example, when we were out of gas, car stops immediately when the logical thing would be to be able to roll a few metres further. Despite this small drawback in play is good and free!

How to run KIK Messenger for PC

Kik Messenger for PC is basically a chat application more, like so many that exist in the market, seems to be an app that grows vigorously. What makes this different from other chat application? We know some data:

  • 19 million users
  • Cross-platform application: can be installed in iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OVI and Blackberry
  • Important: do not need the device in which it is installed is a smartphone, but it may be also a tablet-pc (an iPad or a tablet Android for example)
  • To enter, you do not need a telephone number that is sent a text message to usuarla, as happens with Whatsapp, they simply need an e-mail account and a password. Even if we repent and want to change the email that we have recorded, we can do it with the same application, which is not widespread and is of great help.
  • You have something very positive if you want to use to "corporate chat" or by so to speak, use it as a communication system between your team in your company, because it makes receipt of messages that are sent, having three States: submitted 'S', ' and responded 'R', so we know what state it is the message that we have sent.
  • It has no advertising attached, and is an alternative to Whatsapp, PingChat, so it is a "plan b" perfect as Instant Messaging on our device.

I arrived at KIK MESSENGER via Instagram, out of curiosity, because I saw many of my contacts of Instagram used InstaDM (instant messaging for Instagram contacts client) or Kik Messenger, becoming more popular lately among Kik Messenger contacts. With this progressive development I see Kik Messenger between contacts, estraigo the following conclusions:

Kik Messenger, help the "internationalization" of our use of the chat. With Whatsapp chat with our known, friends, customers, people who we have previously revealed our phone number, something that not everyone likes to give joyfully by private on a social network or a client when message usus whatsapp intimate with a small circle shape. Kik Messenger opens the possibility to you to give your user name, a less "personal value" than the number of telephone to more contacts, and for example, if you are a user of instagram like me, with a multitude of foreign contacts, helps to engage in conversations in writing of those people.
Users of a "certain level", have already adopted Kik Messenger as one of your applications every day. It is very common to find profiles, for example on Instagram, or on Twitter, whose users use the same username (pardon the redundancy) in various social services: Kik, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, making it much easier to find those people, since it has the same username on all your social channels.
It can be a simple system for use in the enterprise: 1) allows you to install it on any system platform operating 2) does not need a smartphone, they can be in a tablet 3) we can add to our coworkers to talk to them here and whatsapp for our "intimate".