How to run WeChat for PC

Wechat for PC is the cross-platform application to send messages text, voice, photos and have group conversations that has grown in these times where WhatsApp and Line the first place are disputed. Download available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone Wechat free of charge.

Download Wechat

The WeChat application includes a number of dynamic features that allow you to communicate with all your friends and other contacts at the time of the day you like and for free using a connection to the Internet (3 G or WiFi)

WeChat functions

1 Voice and video calls Chat
2 Chat on the web from the url
3. Group Chat with multiple participants and groups.
4 Smileys and icons to embellish the talks.

The WeChat interface is one of the most clear and intuitive hand puts the user functions and it is 100% intuitive.

It should be noted also that it is available in multiple languages and it is updated often to work well.

In the tests we do in download Wechat say that it took to send a text message and video calls showed great stability, therefore with a fairly stable connection you should maintain high quality communications.