How to Download Pou for PC

Pou PC - For those who you've heard Pou but do not yet know what Pou then we will explain that it is Pou or, rather, who is Pou Pou more that "something" is "someone". Well, so without further ADO Let's have to explain who is Pou. Pou is a virtual pet that has become very famous very quickly since it has become the protagonist of one of the most popular games for Android. The game, same mascot called "Pou" and they have to make the players is nothing to look after the pet providing you with all possible care.

 If we speak of Tamagotchi sure that you all know that it is, this virtual pet that had to take care and take care so that you are well and will not die... Thus we can say that Pou is the new Tamagotchi, what happens to that on this occasion the mascot arises within a game for Android, so to play this game only we download Pou for Android, rather than take it on a portable device conceived only for this, as it was the case of the popular Tamagotchi who became so famous years ago.

 The care that we must ensure Pou are many and varied, from giving you to eat and drink, clean it and Shepherd his hygiene up to ensure you're happy playing with the ball or buy her dresses and accessories for this beautiful, also give medicines to your health is the best...

 In addition, one of the fundamental characteristics of Pou is that we must have money to give many attentions that Pou needs, but don't worry, there is a way to earn coins and that in addition it'll very funny. And is that Pou we will find a lot of minigames that provide fun while we are not serving our mascot and that also allow us to get coins to buy many things that Pou needs to survive, to be in good health and, ultimately, to be happy.