How to Download FotoRus for PC

If you are looking for an application with various tools of effects to your photos and videos, the FotoRus PC is a good thing. With excellent performance and easy to understand, the app functions are well organized and divided. Moreover, since it was developed, the FotoRus launches new features such as the Animagram which makes it possible to take a photo and insert effects so that some part of her move. The wide range of effects and filters is what draws attention. Make an animated gif with pictures or videos is super intuitive. The app has several ways to let your fun production when inserting effects in your photos and videos with bars of a prison or kittens watching its production, for example.The app also deserves highlight by making available since the simplest frames until the most creative, in the function "Pic in Pic", in which you can insert a picture inside a bottle, blister, rearview mirror, iPhone screen, and more. In comparison with other applications, the filters also highlights the variety and result that each presents. Not to mention that even the simple function of feathers control brightness, colour, contrast and resize the photo you can do.And for those who enjoy making collages, the FotoRus saves your time in downloading an application only for this function. The app offers different templates that offer many possibilities to a different type of Mount. For a free app, no doubt the FotoRus is a great option for you to download on your iPhone and iPad and how could it have, the app lets you share your creations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, SinaWeibo and We Chat, in addition to the possibility of sending by email.