How to install Subway Surfers for PC

To clear us awhile and have fun at the controls of our Android phone we have a game to show you. Subway Surfers is called and is 'petando' for its quality. Subway Surfers style is that of other well-known titles, such as Temple Run, Agent Dash...

 Subway Surfers difference with these is, apart from a graphics much more care and original, the number of moves you can make with gestures on screen. Our character is a graffiti artist who will have to dodge the guard of the train station, which we've caught painting cars with spray.

 The dynamics of Subway Surfers is to try to not collide with any obstacles and collect many more best coins. With coins we buy extra abilities as a backpack that allows us to go by electrical wires or an aerial skateboarding.

 As we said, Subway Surfers for Android allows us to, not only avoid sideways but also climb us cars, slide down below control fences... The game is extremely entertaining and is taken care of down to the last detail.