How to run KIK Messenger for PC

Kik Messenger for PC is basically a chat application more, like so many that exist in the market, seems to be an app that grows vigorously. What makes this different from other chat application? We know some data:

  • 19 million users
  • Cross-platform application: can be installed in iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OVI and Blackberry
  • Important: do not need the device in which it is installed is a smartphone, but it may be also a tablet-pc (an iPad or a tablet Android for example)
  • To enter, you do not need a telephone number that is sent a text message to usuarla, as happens with Whatsapp, they simply need an e-mail account and a password. Even if we repent and want to change the email that we have recorded, we can do it with the same application, which is not widespread and is of great help.
  • You have something very positive if you want to use to "corporate chat" or by so to speak, use it as a communication system between your team in your company, because it makes receipt of messages that are sent, having three States: submitted 'S', ' and responded 'R', so we know what state it is the message that we have sent.
  • It has no advertising attached, and is an alternative to Whatsapp, PingChat, so it is a "plan b" perfect as Instant Messaging on our device.

I arrived at KIK MESSENGER via Instagram, out of curiosity, because I saw many of my contacts of Instagram used InstaDM (instant messaging for Instagram contacts client) or Kik Messenger, becoming more popular lately among Kik Messenger contacts. With this progressive development I see Kik Messenger between contacts, estraigo the following conclusions:

Kik Messenger, help the "internationalization" of our use of the chat. With Whatsapp chat with our known, friends, customers, people who we have previously revealed our phone number, something that not everyone likes to give joyfully by private on a social network or a client when message usus whatsapp intimate with a small circle shape. Kik Messenger opens the possibility to you to give your user name, a less "personal value" than the number of telephone to more contacts, and for example, if you are a user of instagram like me, with a multitude of foreign contacts, helps to engage in conversations in writing of those people.
Users of a "certain level", have already adopted Kik Messenger as one of your applications every day. It is very common to find profiles, for example on Instagram, or on Twitter, whose users use the same username (pardon the redundancy) in various social services: Kik, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, making it much easier to find those people, since it has the same username on all your social channels.
It can be a simple system for use in the enterprise: 1) allows you to install it on any system platform operating 2) does not need a smartphone, they can be in a tablet 3) we can add to our coworkers to talk to them here and whatsapp for our "intimate".