How to run Candy Crush Saga for PC

On the Board are dozens of different sweets. The task is to bring together those of the same color. There are obstacles and tricks to overcome them. They are 400 levels. Many people spend countless hours a day playing. Some spent hundreds of dollars on it. Play it is more than 600 million times a day. It has 50 million users. It's the Candy Crush Saga for PC, the game most popular in Facebook history and most downloaded on Apple and Android devices in recent months. In short, an irresistible addiction. They say that their backgrounds are Tetris and the Viper of Nokia, but its closest relative is Bejeweled, the game from the beginning of this century that consists of ordering diamonds of the same color. Released in November 2012, and developed by the company King Candy Crush Saga generated more than 600,000 dollars a day - according to reports not officers - through subsidies that users can purchase to pass levels. Although makers insist that it is possible to complete the game without paying a weight, believed that tools are the source of millions of dollars for the company, which has not yet revealed its numbers. The game seems simple: must order and pass levels. But the truth is that it has different features designed to generate addiction. It generates incomplete tasks For the Professor of psychology and cognitive science at the University of Sheffield, Tom Stafford Candy Crush addiction has to do with a psychological phenomenon called the Zeigarnik effect. The waiters or porters, said the Russian psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik, have an impressive memory to recall orders. But only until you meet them: once the food and beverages are placed on the table, forget something that had clear moments before. "Zeigarnik gave name to all of the problems in which an incomplete task will be set in memory", he told Stafford to the BBC. "And Candy Crush", concludes, "generates incomplete tasks". Each Board - or each level - is a task that the player feels the urgency to resolve, as with games of questions or doubts arising in the talks and go to Wikipedia immediately: one does not rest until they know the answer. Withdrawal symptoms Candy Crush gives players five lives per level, and if run out you, have to wait 30 minutes to play. It is half an hour during which the problem is not solved. "The game is designed to create withdrawal symptoms," says Megan Rose Dickey, the Business Insider technology reporter. And also "logic of 30 minutes reinforces the psychology that you have to play every day," says Jude Gomila, the Heyzap game consultant. In addition, in each chapter (of 15 levels each) only two or three levels are difficult while others are easy. This reinforces the taste by the game to give an easy solution since the difficult levels are the challenge that pushes to keep playing it. And every three or four weeks the creators added levels to the game. In other words, might never end unless the people stop playing it. Time will tell. Is on Facebook The game is hosted by Facebook, the world's largest social network, but is also in all devices from Apple and Android, which allows stop play on a platform and resume in another. Not in vain many defended him with the argument that "never leaves you only". "This is the first game that really connects different platforms; If you run out of energy on the iPad, you can give energy to the cell, and if you get tired of the phone, you computer,"says Gomila. Players can not only share your results on Facebook, but also tools and lives. And thus one does not publish its results, show him your progress compared to their friends on the social network. "There is no any winnings in this game beyond the satisfaction of suspecting that their skills to bring sweets are superior to those of his friends," argued the cultural critic June Thomas in Slate. Currently abound in Google different jokes about addiction to Candy Crush, but several cases in recent years of teenagers who died after long days of consumption of video games proved that gambling is taking seriously. In fact, now circulating in social networking photos of a rehabilitation centre for addicts to Candy Crush. They are a parody. But they say a lot about the phenomenon.

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