How to run Hill Climb Racing for PC

Hill Climb Racing for PC has held the top ten for a while. This 2D game is about driving (the quality of which increases as you play) as far as possible, on different maps, we have to catch coins that we find along the way (by performing stunts and completing levels).
 The first vehicle that we have to train is a small Jeep that we must pull miles and terrorizing the neighborhood. Driving the Jeep is quite simple, the accelerator pedal is on the right and left brakes. Physics is a bit tricky since the Jeep accelerated slowly and not gets along very well with potholes that there are in the way (and there are a lot because we are in the field). Also appears to be equipped with tires light since it has the minimum start to roll down a hill. It is also possible that we stay out of gas and we stay stuck in a Groove in the twinkling of an eye.

 That is why we see us tempted to purchase a new vehicle, an update using the coins that we have achieved. Here you have an overview of the available vehicles:
 Jeep: our first vehicle, a chestnut, is small, slow, little legit. We have to try to move it up and down as soon as possible. Motorcross Bike: a motorcycle, the only vehicle to two wheels ideal for stunts (especially after the update) Monster Truck: my favorite, very precise, driving mild, no land seems to be a problem. Race Car: car racing, ideal to cross tracks Updates:

 Engine: update for the engines of the vehicles, makes them faster and more powerful.
Suspension: the vehicle will drive better on bumps.
 Tires: improvement of tyres.
 4WD: better traction at all four wheels, more power and better handling.
 Race car: grip strength Moto Cross: better control of the bike when they are in the air. Maps Field: it is the first map and is bumpy! Desert: hot, dusty. Arctic: slippery, need winter tires. Motorway: typical American Highway with few slopes, a pleasant walk. Cave: route where we will not see the sky. Do not forget to drop you! Moon: there is very little gravity, jumps will be nice and long, but don't forget to keep an eye on the fuel tank. Mars: an uneven territory, with more gravity than the Moon Alien Planet: a green and trembling mass well that sure you have good tires! Users can decide in which order the updates, which we got with the coins that we have been collecting are acquired. Maps of is divided into levels and the passage from one level to another is smooth without sudden changes. To successfully complete a level we are rewarded with coins. Conclusion It is not by magic for what Hill Climb Racing has topped the charts for some time. Maps, vehicles and upgrades help keep interest in the game. The maps are impressive because even though we have unlocked part of them, we can move forward that guarantees fun for a while. A drawback is that the physics of the game has, in general, logical sense but, for example, when we were out of gas, car stops immediately when the logical thing would be to be able to roll a few metres further. Despite this small drawback in play is good and free!